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A modern, portable game engine with an embedded editor. Completely scriptable in Lua.
Free for personal and commercial use.

Project Outline

IOLITE is in its initial development phase and is neither complete nor perfect. Things will improve rapidly but be prepared that things will most probably break at the same pace. I adhere to the release early, release often principle while incorporating community feedback. All past and future changes are documented in the changelog and roadmap.
  • Portable runtime with a minimal footprint (less than 50 MiB) that runs on Windows and Linux
  • Simplifies game creation with a focus on voxel assets from tools like MagicaVoxel or Avoyd
  • Features a powerful, beginner-friendly Lua scripting interface for rapid iteration
  • Includes an easy-to-use editor embedded in the runtime for creating original or modifying existing games
  • Utilizes modern rendering and core engine features for visually appealing, efficient games
  • Supports dynamic physics worlds with destruction and pathfinding out-of-the-box
  • A flexible license that allows you to use IOLITE for free for commercial and non-commercial projects
A funny cow

Feature Summary

Fast Engine Core

  • Modern and multithreaded engine core written in C++
  • Works natively on Windows and Linux (including SteamOS on Steam Deck)
  • Powerful Lua scripting API featuring hot-reloading
  • Follows data-oriented principles
  • Flexible and powerful modding capabilities
  • Physics-driven destruction system and dynamic pathfinding
  • Custom particle and sound system featuring various DSPs
Fast Engine Core

Windows 10+


Tested on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS and the latest SteamOS (on Steam Deck)

Powerful Editor

  • Embedded WYSIWYG editor for game creators and their modding community
  • Import whole scenes or single assets from VOX files authored in editors like MagicaVoxel or Avoyd
  • Build worlds quickly with asset previews and procedural drag and drop placement
Powerful Editor

Modern Renderer

  • Vulkan-based hybrid renderer mixing rasterization and ray-tracing (no ray-tracing-capable GPU required)
  • PBR (Physically Based Rendering)
  • Fully dynamic diffuse and specular global illumination with ray-traced soft shadows
  • Volume-based post-processing pipeline supporting different tone mappers, bloom, depth of field, wheel-based color grading, and more
  • Volumetric fog system
  • HDR display support
  • Supports AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2
Modern Renderer
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2

It's Easy to get Started

  • IOLITE is free for personal and commercial use
  • Upcoming video series showing the process of creating games with IOLITE
  • Extensive engine, editor, and Lua API documentation
It's Easy to get Started

IOLITE in Action

Download IOLITE

Go ahead and give IOLITE's most recent public pre-release build a spin. If you've got a question or run into an issue, don't hesitate to ask on our Discord server. Please also make sure to give our permissive license a read.

This build is updated with one week delay. If you want to access the latest build the minute it is released, please consider joining one of the support tiers.
IOLITE v0.1.19 (Windows)

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Support the Development to...

... get access to the latest IOLITE builds the minute they are released; each downloaded build is yours forever to keep.
... get access to the video series where I show you how to create games with IOLITE.
... exclusively download and play the result of the video series, including the Lua sources and all assets.
... get access to video updates on the latest IOLITE features.
... get access to a subscriber-only channel on our Discord server.
... perpetuate your name in the credits of IOLITE's editor and this website as an additional thanks for your support!
... get the warm feeling that there continues to be a single dev working full-time on this project.

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Presented below is a list of our dedicated active supporters across each paid tier, alongside the talented voxel artists who have contributed stunning assets.

Tier Gamma

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Tier Beta

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Voxel Artists

Lucy (Pentakie) (Link)
Max Parata (Link)


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