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I'm building a voxel game engine so YOU can create YOUR dream voxel game.
Create voxel games with state-of-the-art technology. Completely scriptable in LUA.

Pre-release builds available in 2023.

Support me working on this project to...

... get access to the latest IOLITE builds; each downloaded build is yours forever to keep.
... get access to the video series where I show you how to create games with IOLITE.
... exclusively download and play the result of the video series, including the Lua sources and all assets.
... get access to video updates on the latest IOLITE features.
... become an integral part of our Discord community.
... perpetuate your name in the credits of IOLITE's editor and this website as an additional thanks for your support!
... get the warm feeling that there continues to be a single dev working full-time on this project.
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IOLITE's Features

Fast Engine Core

 Modern and multithreaded engine core written in C++
 Powerful LUA scripting API featuring hot-reloading
 Data-oriented ECS
 Flexible and powerful modding capabilities
 Physics-driven destruction system
 Custom particle and sound system featuring various DSPs

Powerful Editor

 Integrated WYSIWYG editor for game creators and their modding community
 Easy to learn and fun to use
 Import whole scenes or single assets from MagicaVoxel's VOX files
 Build worlds quickly with asset previews and procedural drag and drop placement
 Hot-reloading of every asset type

Modern Renderer

 Vulkan-based hybrid renderer mixing rasterization and ray-tracing (no ray-tracing-capable GPU required)
 PBR (Physically Based Rendering)
 Fully dynamic diffuse and specular global illumination with ray-traced soft shadows
 Volume-based post-processing pipeline supporting different tone mappers, bloom, depth of field, color grading and various other effects
 Volumetric fog system
 HDR display support
 Supports AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2

It's Easy to get Started

 Video series showing the process of creating games with IOLITE
 Extensive engine, editor, and LUA API documentation

Follow IOLITE's Development

I'm closing in on releasing the first version of IOLITE in 2023. In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Mastodon to get the latest development news:

The Good People IOLITE Is Supported By

IOLITE would not be possible without the support of you guys. Thanks a lot! Here is the list of all the currently active supporters in each of the paid tiers and all the voxel artists that contributed beautiful assets.

Tier Gamma

No supporters yet!

Tier Beta

No supporters yet!

Voxel Artists

Lucy (Pentakie) (Link)
Max Parata (Link)


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