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I'm working on a voxel game engine so you can create your dream voxel game.

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I'm closing in on releasing the first version of IOLITE by the end of Q2 2023.

In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Maston to get the latest development news:

IOLITE's Features

Utilize IOLITE's' powerful WYSIWYG editor to create and mod existing games in no time. The editor is directly embedded into the runtime and can be used by game creators and their community.
IOLITE uses a Vulkan-based hybrid renderer, mixing rasterization with ray-tracing techniques. It features PBR-based lighting, fully dynamic diffuse and specular global illumination, and ray-traced shadows. You can configure all features, so it scales nicely on different hardware classes. No ray-tracing capable GPU is required.
IOLITE uses the widely spread vox file format. Author voxel assets in MagicaVoxel and directly use them in IOLITE. In addition, you can import whole scenes authored in MagicaVoxel with a few mouse clicks. Changes to VOX files are automatically detected and immediately reflected in the engine.
While IOLITE is a heavily optimized piece of tech written entirely in C++, on the other hand, you can relax and use the simple and well-documented Lua scripting API. Use IOLITE's ECS (Entity Component System) and the many available components to achieve your vision quickly. Lua scripts get hot-reloaded, meaning that any change you make to a script will be immediately available on the runtime side.
Use IOLITE's integrated GPU path tracer to create beautiful (offline rendered) images of your scenes. Ideal for creating marketing assets without the use of external software.
Collision geometry and pathfinding work without any additional effort and get directly derived from the data of the voxel assets. Pathfinding even works without any need to precompute data, IOLITE's pathfinding algorithm creates a sparse voxel representation of the scene on the fly, which the actors then use to find the most optimal path.

The Good People IOLITE Is Supported By

IOLITE would not be possible without the support of you guys. Thanks a lot! Here is the list of all the currently active supporters in each of the paid tiers.

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