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In addition to all the features of the free version, IOLITE PRO supports the following:

  • Native C/C++ API

    Write highly modular plugins in C, C++, or in any other language that supports C bindings.

  • Powerful triangle mesh voxelization algorithm

    Turn complex meshes with materials and textures exported from any 3D software that supports glTF, like Blender, 3ds Max, etc. or asset libraries like Quixel Megascans and PlantCatalog into beautiful voxel assets.

  • Export path-traced renders

    Export LDR/HDR renders in the highest quality using the EXR file format.

  • Option to disable the splash screen

    IOLITE PRO offers the option to disable the splash screen shown during startup.

  • DRM free

    Like the free version, IOLITE PRO is shipped without any DRM. Every downloaded build is yours forever to keep.

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