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Welcome to the IOLITE development blog!

In this space, we'll be delving into the inner workings of IOLITE, sharing insightful tech articles, and giving you a glimpse into our recent projects.

📰 IOLITE Weekly Update #1

By Benjamin Wrensch

Summarizes the development progress of IOLITE in week 24 of 2023.

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Minimal AgX Implementation

By Benjamin Wrensch

Contains a minimal implementation of Troy Sobotka's AgX display transform, which is easy to drop into any existing codebase - especially for testing purposes.

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The Performance of Numerical Integrators with Varying Delta Times

By Benjamin Wrensch

In this post we're going to take a look at different numerical integrators and how they behave with varying delta times.

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Reverse Z Cheatsheet

By Benjamin Wrensch

Cheatsheet for getting Reverse Z integrated into your codebase quickly. Reverse Z can be used to better utilize the available precision of the depth buffer and thus to aid larger rendering distances without running into Z-fighting issues quickly.

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