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IOLITE Press Kit


  • Developer: Missing Deadlines (Benjamin Wrensch)
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A Word from the Author

Hey there,

I worked in the games industry for nearly a decade, shaping the core engine and rendering tech of titles like The Surge, The Surge 2, Lords of the Fallen, and Atlas Fallen. You might also know me from the open-source project Terasology, which started as an initial prototype during my studies. In recent times, I've open-sourced my rendering playground Intrinsic.

IOLITE is the spiritual successor to some of my previous endeavors: A game engine that makes it easy for you to create fantastic voxel games with state-of-the-art visual quality. It purposely does not strive to compete with the big game engines; instead, IOLITE is specialized to ease the game creation process as a whole.

Game engines today are affordable and offer all the possibilities to create any game you can imagine with any available content creation tool. This endless amount of options makes it hard to get started. On the other hand, IOLITE offers you the right amount of tools natively and works almost exclusively with vox-files created via, e.g., MagicaVoxel.

It's essential to battle test technology like IOLITE, so in addition to working on the technology itself, I'm continuously developing games with IOLITE on the side. This approach allows me to produce great educational content while making sure that the features I create make sense from a creator's perspective. All of this makes it even more fun for you to get started with your next project or your very first game-dev-related project ever.

You do not need to invest a lifetime of learning to get started. Taking a few small steps every day or week, like watching a few videos from the series and skimming through the documentation while experimenting with IOLITE will lead to the first visible results in no time. You are also welcome to join our Discord community and raise questions whenever the need arises.

But it does not need to stop there. IOLITE's license allows you to publish your game whenever you feel it is ready, whether as a commercial release on Steam or as a free release on It even offers your community, if you like, the same tools for modding you've used for creating your game in the first place.

Your support allows me to continue working on IOLITE full-time. Check out the section above to see which bonuses a subscription offers.


Thanks a lot,


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  • Easy to use integrated editor usable by the game creator and his community for modding
  • Well documented; The video series makes it even easier to get started
  • Voxel assets can be authored using MagicaVoxel
  • Vulkan-based hybrid renderer, mixing rasterization with ray-tracing techniques
  • Realtime diffuse and specular global illumination
  • Integrated offline path tracer, e.g., usable for authoring marketing assets
  • Simple but powerful LUA scripting API
  • Hassle-free software license and DRM-free software distribution



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