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First Pre-Release Versions Available 🎉

By Benjamin Wrensch

Summary: I've started rolling out the first pre-release versions of IOLITE.

I've quietly started rolling out the first pre-release versions of IOLITE. There are infinite things to do before getting remotely close to version 1.0. Still, the current state offers an excellent basis for getting a first impression of the direction I'm heading in.

It's better to release early than never.

If you want to try IOLITE for yourself, there is now a link to the latest pre-release build on the starting page of this website. If you're eager to support this project and to get access to the latest changes the moment they are released, please consider joining one of the support tiers in the support section. A public Discord server is also available if you have any further questions or want to influence or support the development with your feedback.

Looking forward to meeting you there! 😀

I document all new builds in the changelog, including the changes, fixes, and additions. I'm also maintaining a roadmap based on the feedback of the community.

What's Next: All Things Physics

I'm currently working on all things physics, e.g., adding support for joints. The new system's results are promising, making creating more complex things like ragdolls easy. Here's a video of how just placing a couple of joints on a mage character and settings up a few limits can result in a fun physics simulation:

The integration of joints is built with user-friendliness in mind. All you have to do is stick the visual helpers into the voxel shapes that should be connected. The runtime handles everything else, like making the initial connection between the intersecting shapes, re-attaching joints if a voxel shape breaks, etc.

When I've finished some remaining tasks on my list, I will also start to record the first videos for the video series, starting with tutorials on setting up IOLITE and building game prototypes using the editor and the Lua scripting API.


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