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Week Sauce Entry 1 (April 2023) 🎮

By Benjamin Wrensch

Summary: Documents my progress on the game "Trapped Below" for the Week Sauce game jam in April 2023.

I've decided to participate in the Week Sauce game jam to find some focus on creating a small game using IOLITE. I'll publish the sources and assets for the game after day 7 of the jam.

This month's theme is "Trapped", so I chose the incredibly creative working title "Trapped Below". Your goal is to leave a room you cannot recall how you got into in the first place.

Here are some notes and videos documenting the progress for each day:

Day 2

Mainly spent my time integrating Ogg Vorbis support into IOLITE's sound system and putting some first sounds into the game.

  • Some more scripting/tooling progress
  • Tweaked fading of the hints (easing)
  • Added sound when a hint appears (to get the player's attention)
  • Added placeholder sound for contact events
  • Added ambient sound and some sounds to the first cutscenes

Day 1.5

Played around with physics and improved the grabbing mechanic, which will be a central part of the upcoming puzzles.

  • Improved grabbing mechanic
  • Added some minor details to the room
  • Added fuse box as a first "puzzle" and introduction to the controls
  • Script-sided tooling for dialogue, hints, and "interactors"

Day 1

Layed down the general concept and overall foundation for "Trapped Below".

  • Created first drafts of voxel assets
  • Played with lighting to get a feeling for the mood
  • Some physics experiments to get ideas for the first puzzles
  • Iterated on the grabbing mechanic for objects
  • Lots of thinking 🤔


  • No changes (yet)

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