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IOLITE is in its pre-release phase, and new builds are released frequently. This roadmap collects known issues, planned tasks, and future ideas.

If you're interested in the overall progress, please head to the changelog.

This roadmap is updated regularly.

Last updated: 22.05.2023

Pre-Release Version 0.1.X


  • Finalize the first iteration of the documentation
  • Finalize the first iteration of the scripting API


  • General bug fixing

Pre-Release Version 0.2.X

Core Features

  • Add animation system and animation editor

Editor Features

  • Quality of life feature, like, e.g., multi-selection support

Future Pre-Release Versions

These tasks are not assigned to an upcoming pre-release version of IOLITE yet.

If you have a feature idea or encounter a bug that needs to be addressed, feel free to mention it on Discord or directly open up a ticket on GitHub (the link can be found in the subscribers area).

Ideas and Topics

  • Networking support
  • Expose the engine's API as a C/C++ library to support additional language bindings
  • Potentially open-source the engine core

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